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The Wensleydale sheep is a large Heritage Longwool with distinctive deep blue head, ears, and legs. Originating in England in the 19th century, the breed is known for the quality and quantity of curly locks that they produce annually. It is not uncommon for a fleece to reach 14" in staple length and weigh over twenty pounds.

The locks are prized for use in crafts as well as a special feature to spinning and knitted items. Used as doll hair and a multitude of hand made products they range in colors everywhere from white, black, light variegated grays, and a smutty Moorit tint.


With a high micron count, the wool can be "itchy" when next to the skin but when blended with other wools it will add luster and spring to the finished yarn. Wensleydale fleece is an unwilling felter because of the lack of "scale" on the fibers. 

Primarily a fiber producer, Wenslydales are also used for their meat and milk. Ewes will finish at around 300 pounds and rams will be larger. Mostly having had multiple births once established they are slow growers and not ready to breed until 2 years old. They are mild-mannered and easy keepers but do not flock well so are not good for use with dogs.

Broken Crook Farm has a few Registered Ewes ewes that are mainly used to make great long wool crosses. Most ewes are high percentage at 88% to 98% with perfect pigment and facial hair. We initially searched the country to bring in lines not found in the West and so have some vigorous outcrosses in our flock. We offer a select few top-quality Rams and Ewe lambs for sale annually. Rams start at $500 and Ewes start at $400, which includes initial vaccinations, registration papers, and mentoring for those new to sheep.

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