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The Kathadin Hair Sheep is one of the few breeds of sheep developed in the USA. An exceptional breed known for being easy breeders, good mothers, and producing vigorous lambs with good feet that are disease and parasite resistant.

If you are just starting out with sheep they are an excellent place to begin. No need to shear the Kathadins as they shed their hair in the summer, saving a lot of time and money.

Ewes and Rams are smaller than their wool breed cousins but carcass weights can be equal to any commercial breed by 10 months.

kathadin Lamb.jpeg

Katahdin hair sheep are known for their meat quality producing a lean cut that is mild in flavor. They grow quickly in their first year usually reaching 90 pounds or more in 100 days. Ewes live a long and productive life often producing lambs into their 14th year. Multiple births are common with singles being the exception. Twins are normal but triplets and quads are not unusual. Ewes will finish at around 175 pounds and Rams will grow to 250-300 pounds at maturity. They flock well so lend themselves to multiple uses in the herding dog industry. Generally smarter than their wool sheep cousins and so thrifty they can stay fat on air. If they are handled correctly they can last a sheepdog trainer/handler for years. 

Broken Crook Farm offers Katahdin Lamb year-round for pickup and delivery. Customers can purchase an entire lamb, or a half, quarter, and by the cut. We also sell breeding stock both registered and unregistered for multiple uses. Lambs start at $150 for unregistered stock at weaning and $200 for registered breeding ewe lambs at 3 months.  The price increases as they get older. Proven Producing Ewes and Rams are available at all times, 2 years and up, starting at $400 each. We have 5 Unrelated Rams of which, 3 are top ten placing Rams at the Sedalia Stud and Ram Show and Sale.  We are producing stock out of our son of Titan, the highest-selling ram at Sedalia and the winner of multiple state championships. Quality Stock is available for sale at all times. 

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