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The Border Leicester is a British Breed of Sheep. It is polled (no horns), semi long wool that is fine and lustrous in texture and look. The ewes and rams are large but docile and lend themselves to a myriad of work, meat, and wool applications. Ewes will finish at around 300 pounds and rams will be almost 400 pounds at maturity. Wool fineness should fall in the 32-micron range and make great medium weight garments. The wool is prized for its crimp and luster. Ewes are easy keepers and good mothers, and rams are well behaved and rarely aggressive. 

Border Leicester's are generally white with one in 100 being born black, they should have a black nose and their ears should be long and upright. Head, legs, and heart should be free of wool. They are known for their distinct Roman nose. This breed is hardy, easy to keep, good foragers, and easy to manage. The breed first entered the USA in 1888.


Registered Border Leicester lambs will be available at Broken Crook Farm in the spring of 2022.

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