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Broken Crook Farm is producing a select group of Bluefaced Leicester breeding pairs and wool outcrossed from Iron Water Ranch Stock. The BFL is a very distinct breed with its Roman nose, long upright earset, and deep blue skin contrasted against its white semi-luster wool. BFL's also comes in natural which offers handspinners a variegated color fleece. Known for their fleece this breed produces a long staple length with a lower micron count. The locks are considerably softer and produce a yarn that is perfect for almost any purpose. With a good scale, it felts well.


Being slow growers ewes and rams are not ready to breed until their 2nd year. Ewes are easy breeders and good mothers. Rams cross well on a number of domestic breeds, such as Cheviot, North Country, and Scottish Blackface. They produce attractive fleece results that are highly prized by hand spinners and knitters. When BFL's are crossed on Scottish Blackface the resulting offspring is referred to as Mules. Hardy and very desirable because of their plentiful fleece these ewes have a well rounded meat taste.

Hardy and desirable, ewes and rams are dual purpose meat and fleece animals. Bluefaced Leister cross lambs will be available at Broken Crook Farm starting in the fall of 2020. Registered ewe and ram lambs will be available in summer 2021. Limited fleece is available by special order today.

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