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Broken Crook Farm is a small, diverse sheep farm focusing on the production of specialty fiber, quality breeding animals and top quality lamb meat. We also offer working border collie puppies and trained dogs on occasion.

We produce about 140 lambs annually. We added wool sheep and fiber to the working sheep and meat production venue and picked up a few more breeds. Our Wenslydales show some of the most diverse bloodlines in the industry making them much hardier animals. Without sacrificing percentage bloodlines we have diligently grown our outcross program.  We are new to BFL’s but they are turning out to be fantastic wool, working, and meat animals. We plan to expand that part of the flock while keeping to the same stringent outcross guidelines to ensure a quality animal with the genetic diversity to be robust in all climates. 


​It takes 2 years to properly train a working dog. If I don’t have a dog for sale and you need a great working dog I can usually point you in the right direction.  A good working dog is imperative if you have sheep and proper training makes all the difference. If you need some input on a dog you are training, need help with training, would like lessons, or are looking to buy your first trained dog, let me connect you to those in the industry known for their integrity, that can help you out.

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